Can't find insert -> effects

Hi! I’m currently trying out Toon Boom Harmony on a friend’s laptop since I’ve only been working with Studio so far.
At the moment, I feel pretty overwhelmed by all the features.

Anyway, while doing my first steps in character animation with HARMONY, I’m failing at image effects right now, or rather applying a clipping mask (or cutter effect, as TB names it).
According to various tutorials, I need to go to insert → effects OR click on the PLUS on the timeline and select insert → effects… simple as that, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Please find attached what my drop down menu looks like.

Does anyone have an idea what I could have missed?
I really need clipping masks to apply shadows onto my character’s body.

Thanks in advance.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-30 um 15.17.57.png

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-30 um 15.18.18.png

Wow, that did the trick!
Very complicated, though, because I was expecting something like in Illustrator where you simply select two layers and click on clipping mask. But maybe I just need to deal with it for a while until I get used to it.

Great, thank you so much.

Hi 10tacle,

I believe you are using the Premium Edition of Harmony 12.
If so, you will have to bring in effects from the window named Node Library (you can type Cutter in its search to find it faster), drop it into the Node View and connect the effect.

If you need any help with how the Cutter node works, let us know!