cant' find 'Import and vectorize' menu

Guys, I don’t see that ‘import and vectorize’ menu anywhere. There is only ‘Import images/From files, From TWAIN’ Is it a limitation of Trial version? I’ve just downloaded TBS4.0. Thanks for your help!

In order to use Import and Vectorize you need to do the following:

Select a “drawing” element in either your timeline or your exposure sheet. It must be a “drawing” element and not an “image” element for this command to be available.

Once you select your drawing element select a frame for that element and right click to open the context menu where you can select the Import and Vectorize command.

This will give you a dialog box where you can specify what you want to import and how you want to import it.

I explain the Import and Vectorize with Textures process in this tutorial:

Introduction To Photo Cut-out Animation

I hope that helps you with your evaluation as the trial version is fully functional. -JK

Thanks a lot for your quick and detailed reply! I’ve just found it myself shortly after I posted my question. But TBS ‘Help’ is a little bit confusing with this topic.
I will definitely look at your tutorial.