Can't find first/new .sboard file projects

Hey, I am trying to use the tutorial videos to building my unique spin on the Lenny story “first project”, so I started barely into a project I called “custom1stProject” but now I cannot find the actual .sboard project file to open it even though there is a file folder with its name full of other stuff. Advice?

In the meantime since I can’t start the project over with the same name I’m just doing a project called “custom1stProjectTry2”. :smiley: I lost maybe 10 minutes of work.

Thanks so much in advance, all.


Normally the .sboard file is directly in the project’s folder.
If you rebooted the system after installing the software it
even displays the software icon for the .sboard file.

If your software preferences are set to use the single file format
there would be no project folder, but instead a [projectname].sbpz
file instead. This file still has a logo that has the Storyboard Pro
logo pasted onto a gray box.