Can't find a tool..

I recently bought Storyboard, and i’m working on my first non-explorative project with it. (I also own Animate, so i’ve got a lot of experience with that…) So forgive me if this is something obvious that I’m missing…

How do I control a gradient once I create it? I’ve got this simple shot, a dark sky, a moon, and clouds. I decided the dark sky needed some variation, so I made a new color, set it to gradient, and then linear.

I noticed that when the gradient is a radial, it creates the origin wherever you use the paint tool, but nothing else for how to control where and in what shape it creates it. Animate and Flash both have some kind of gradient select tool, but i’m not finding anything like that here.

Am I just going nuts, or does it not exist? I’ve searched every tool palette and manager list I could find, but I can’t find any sign of it. Also no sign of anything like that in any of the help files or the online reference.

So, have you stopped supporting Storyboard regular? Why was this left as an incomplete feature? Effectively, this means gradients are 95% non-functional, and for all but a couple uses, might as well not even be present.

I’m rather disappointed by this. I realize it’s not your intent, but your response makes it sound like I need to buy the more expensive software before I can even gain the completed basic toolset you describe on your product listing. Unfortunately it’s not in my budget right now.

I have Storyboard Pro 2, and I can’t find the edit gradient/texture tool anywhere, either.
Keyboard shortcut from Harmony doesn’t do anything.
Using Ver. 9.1.0 (6354)

Never mind - just found it as a contextual menu (rt. click), but it is odd not being able to find it where the .pdf Help system says it will be.

We added the synchronization between the Storyboard toolset and the Animate toolset in Storyboard Pro 2 - this functionality was not present in Storyboard regular. It is present in Storyboard Pro 2, as the same Edit Gradient/Texture tool that you’ll be used to.


In Storyboard Pro 2, it is nested underneath the Contour Editor Tool. So if you click and hold on the Contour Editor, an expanded toolset pops out to the right that includes that tool.

I understand your disappointment regarding that tool not being present in Storyboard. I will pass your comments along to the team for evaluation.