Can't export scans layer as movie

I’ve tried different settings, including H.264 with Keyframes/All selected, but have been unable to export as a QT movie a scene containing 1 layer comprised of 15 scanned drawings. In each case, my 2 layers of sound files exported successfully but the video is only black. I am able to export as Flash Video and SWF. Also, this scene was imported from Storyboard Pro. The TopLayer that originated in this file exports fine as a movie. But when I hide that layer and try to export my scans layer, I get only black. I’m using Animate Pro on a Macbook running OS X Lion. Thanks.

Maybe a silly question but do you have black lines on transparent background? If so just add a white color card in the scene.


Your question isn’t silly; what’s silly is that I didn’t think to do that! Thanks so much for your response. It’s explained on page 726 of the manual but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Thanks again! ;D

Don’t worry, the reason I thought about it is because it happened to me a few times ::slight_smile: