Can't export PNG sequence

Hello, I’m an animation student and I use Hamony to work; the licences are provided to us in our college, and this year we upgraded to Harmony 20, but I feel like the new version showed up an issue that’s been getting on my nerves.
It’s not the first time I export all the movie frames as a PNG sequence from render nodes, in Harmony17 it worked fine, but now every time I do it exactly as I did, it loads through all the frames, but then nothing is exported in the folder I specified, it just does nothing.
I don’t know if maybe I’m doing something wrong, but if someone can give me a hand I would highly appreciate. Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure if you could solve it, but I had the same issue and I found out a solution that could fix your problem.

Harmony has a problem with the folders’ names. You need to use English standard characters or it just won’t export the png files. It’s a weird bug, but once you change the directory name it should export the files.

Have you tried enabling Allow Unicode Names under Advanced in the Preferences.