Can't export movie!

Using OS X Lion, just upgraded from Studio to Animate, spent a week redrawing animation. Looks great in Animate, but will NOT export movie!! Is this a problem with Lion? (Studio works in Lion, but I don’t want to go back). Appreciate any advice.

Well, what are your project and export specifications…?

Should you exporting to H.264, make sure to select the “All” Radio-button
from the Standard Video Compression Settings…


Found a solution!
From another thread, I had already made sure the “all” button was selected. Didn’t help.
Solution wasn’t obvious. On the first screen where you “browse” location to save movie, the initial location was “Animate.” I had changed it each unsuccessful attempt to Desktop. Since this was on the first screen, wouldn’t think this needed to be rechecked before rendering. But, finally, I did recheck as a last resort, and the program had reset location back to “Animate.” So when I “browsed” location to Desktop as the last step, rendering progressed normally. Certainly not expected behavior for a program, but at least I got it to work.

So basically, someone should submit a ‘bug’ request to have the export location remain the same as the previously saved location.

I wonder if that’s a setting in the preferences? Hopefully, it will be in the future.

Thanks for the heads up!


In Animate, it should save the previous file folder that was selected. This kind of error would only happen the first time you load the software - but it usually takes something like the Movies folder by default, I thought. I’ll have them double-check it here on Lion.

It saves the previously loaded location in your user prefs automatically so the next time you do an export to movie it should save it in the same space.