Can't export in correct frame rate :( - TBH Advanced

When exporting my animation in a movie file, I go to the dropdown menu that lets me change the frame rate for the movie file and change it from the default 24 to a custom setting of 14. The file after exporting is always stuck at 24 FPS and it’s just too fast for what I’m doing. Also whenever I open up TBH after it’s closed, the FPS resets to 24 and I have to change it back to whatever I’m using at the time.

How do I fix this?

Change the frame rate of your project in Menu-Scene-Scene Settings
on the on the “Resolution” tab. The fps setting in the movie settings
are disabled (along with filters) as it uses the project info instead.

After a panic attack and a lot of button pressing - I found this thread and I thank you for this