Can't export a quicktime with Harmony 20

Hi! Whenever I try to export a quicktime from my scene, I always get the following message error: Quicktime Server: E 16:28:06:271 QuickTime error: Memory full error ("-108")

My computer is a windows 10 with 32 GB RAM. I deleted a lot of stuff to make sure I had enough storage left on my computer, so it should have enough to export a few 7 seconds-long quicktime.

I lowered the quality of the scene from high to low.

The scene runs on 10 fps and I made sure to change it in the export settings accordingly

I usually export quicktimes from scenes 4 times as heavy as this single scene with the very same computer, on which are used camera movements and several characters made of bitmaps; this scene only has 2 vector characters that don’t move a lot, and the shot is static.

I’ve already looked at similar threads and their proposed solutions didn’t work for me. If you could help me, I’d be grateful. Thanks!