Can't erase/select specific lines - and Transform Tool

For some reason, the lines in specific frames won’t erase, but will in others. I’ve tried to erase in the specific line and color layers within the drawing, and nothing happens. I can draw in a frame and erase/edit the new line, but I can’t for anything else. Anyone know how to work around this issue?

I’ve also been having an issue where the transform tool will select all the frames in the image, as well as the other content in other frames in that specific layer.

Here’s a video showing the issue -

Hard to know.

First I would have guessed you were working on the wrong art layer , but as you describe it you seems to have checked that.
Dont have a duplicate of the layer so you work on the wrong layer?

When you write ”select all frames in the image” what do you mean?

Hey did you ever figure this out. I am having the same problem and I have had no luck searching for the solution???

I know this is an old conversation, but I just had this issue and realized the solution and I wasn’t able to find anyone else answering it.

My issue was that I had drawn the drawing when the layer was set to bitmap, and then I had changed it to vector. It seems that you can’t erase a bitmap drawing in vector mode even if it is the same layer. Once I changed the layer back to bitmap, I was able to erase like normal. I’m sure it would be the same situation vice versa.

To change it back: right click on layer->layer properties->drawing->set line art type to bitmap or vector respectfully.

I hope this can help someone :slight_smile: