Can't erase or delete drawing?

After I drew something in the camera, I felt like I maybe clicked on or messed with a setting prior to it suddenly going weird? I was drawing like I would any other day, touching it up and fixing things askew–so naturally I had to erase something. I erased the hair, and maybe diddled around with the brush settings, then drew it back in, then I realized I couldn’t erase the body and only the hair that I just drew in. Confused, my only sense of resolve was to close and open up toonboom again, now it’s the other way around?
Sorry, I’ll post a lil screenshot of what’s happening

Could anyone help me out? I’m really confused, nothing is locked but I can’t erase it? I’ve even tried selecting and deleting the things I couldn’t get rid of, but I couldn’t even select them at all…

Could the parts be on separate cells or frames within the single layer?

You appear to have a keyframe in there, is that correct?

You could try advancing (scrubbing) step by step testing whether you can erase the other part at some stage.

The second keyframe you see there is actually empty though, but I think I’ve figured it out. After I erased those parts before drawing them back in again, I carelessly messed around with the settings. I’d drawn the entire body with the “Line Art” setting on, and was only able to erase the smaller segments when I reverted back to “Overlay Art” which is what I had it set to when I drew them in again. I didn’t know it worked like that, but now I’m glad I know. Thank you for your help though~