Can't edit drawing layers upon reopening scene

Okay, if anyone could help me out here it would be greatly appreciated. Ive been using the trial version of this program off an on for the past year, and haven’t had this problem before.

I was working on a scene, and decided to give my computer a restart, so i closed out of Animate, restarted, and when i came back to my scene, for some reason I can’t select, fill, edit, erase, or anything on the drawings that I had been working with before the restart. I’ve tried locking/unlocking, going to the drawing view instead of the camera view, I even can go forward a frame, draw something, and edit it, but when i go back to my old frames i can’t edit or erase ANYTHING!!

Is there some setting that I am missing that is protecting these frames? I did not make symbols out of any of them or add them to the library

If this sounds familiar to anyone I could use some help bad Im stumped!

Thanks in advance


Make sure you are working in the right “art layer”.
Go to the top meny -Help -Help The Help files opens –
-User Guide -Drawing in the Camera or Drawing view -Line Art, Color Art, and Preview Mode.

Best regards

Okay that was it, thanks ivar! I draw a lot in the camera view, and I was unknowingly drawing some things in the color art and others in the line art, and not realizing it! But from this mistake I learned about the two modes which will be extremely helpful down the line!