Can't draw shadows!

I’m a new TOONBOOM user, and learning is going okay, but…
I try and try to figure out (using the tutorial) the DROP SHADOW
thing, but I don’t see and shadows! What am I doing wrong? If there some other setting I need to be in /on? Please help me (step-by-step) this is driving me crazy! >:(

Not exactly sure what you are doing but here are a couple of things to check.
(1) Are you in camera view? If you aren’t then you won’t see the drop shadow.
(2) Did you set the opacity of the drop shadow to zero? The lower the opacity setting the less visible the shadow.
(3) Check your camera’s location in Top view to see if the shadow element is inside the camera’s viewport.
(4) Did you attach an element to your drop shadow element, if not you have nothing to define the shadow so there is nothing to see yet.

The video tutorial is pretty much a step by step guide. -JK

Great - I’ll check these things and try again.

Keep us posted on your progress and ask further questions as needed.-JK

Still not getting the “shadow” thing! I can’t figure out how to “attach an element” to the drop shadow effect. I’ve spent about 6 hours total going over the tutorial over and over. Should I see the shadow as I make it? Is it only visible on playback? I get to the point where I can get the highlighted box and it pivots around my drawn object (a rock, for simplicity sake) but now what?
Should this be so incredibly hard? I’m 45 years old, and just want to learn TOONBOOM so I can teach my son (it’s his program, but he’s not too computer savvy). HELP!

Hey “oldfella” don’t you know that 45 is way to old to cut the mustard. ;D If only I were on the right side of 45…I’m way past that.

You attach elements to other elements like pegs or effects by drag and drop. Go to your timeline panel to the list of tracks. You will see your drop shadow element listed there after your create it. Now find the track for the element or elements which you want to have shadowed. With your mouse select your desired element’s label and hold down the left mouse button and drag the selected track until it is on top of the drop shadow’s track. You will know it is attached when you see that it is indented in the list just below the drop shadow effects track label. That all there is to attaching one element to another element. As soon as you attach your “rock” or whatever to the drop shadow element then the shadow will show in camera view. Be sure you are in camera view and not drawing view. Keep us posted and stay at it. -JK

I had it! I was experimenting and it worked fine…but when I tried another project I lost it. If I could only remember what I did! >:(

Now I have it! It’s working great now. I wrote it down, I’ll practice more tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your help.