can't draw past frame 73

Hi, I am working on an animation. I reach frame 73 and draw my frame then I proceed to frame 74 and I can no longer draw in the camera view. The drawing view I can still draw in but I need to see my scene through the camera view to properly animate. This is really slowing me down I hope some one can help. How do I fix this problem?

Animate 2: I am having the same trouble - can’t draw or import sound beyond frame 60 and can’t find where to extend it. Extend exposure does not work. Help!!! please anyone?[

i think your issue is just eith go to scene menu and choose scene length and extend it, or grab the little red right above the last frame and drag it to the right.

Did that work for you guys? I usually just use the red slider in the timeline to extend the length of my scene.

Regarding the sound issue, Artintegrity, see my response to your other post, since the sound thing is a bit more involved.