can't draw outside a blue box

hello !
i’m trying to paint but a blue box appeared on my drawing and i can’t draw outside it.
can you help me get rid of it, please ?

(i tried to do a screenshot if that can help)


This blue box is the actual size of the canvas for bitmap layers it prevents inadvertently drawing a series of very large bitmap and render your storyboard project super heavy. Although, if you need your bitmap to be bigger than the default size, you can change it.

For all new panels, go to Storyboard > Properties > Bitmap Resolution tab.
For existing layers, in the layer stack, right-click on your bitmap layer and select Change Bitmap Resolution.

Hope this helps!


Thankyou - this has been bugging me for a long time - It fixed it . I don’t really know why the program doesn’t just automatically convert the layer to bitmap whatever size it is . It should just convert whatever is in that layer You don’t get this problem in Photoshop .

thank you sooooooooooo much !

Glad it solved it :).

When large bitmaps are duplicated over and over throughout several panels, the project can become really heavy.
It is similar to changing the canvas size in Photoshop when your image boundaries are too small for the image your started painting.