Cant Draw on new layers only apear in the perespective view and i cant edit

Hello I am experimenting harmony premium and i was moving the camera throu a parent peg because i wasnt alloud to use a peg in this display mode, i dont know if this is relevant but the question isnt this, i was making another group the 5th one and the drawings do not apear in the camera mode( render view and open gl view), only in the perespective mode, i rearranged my group changing the order and the last groups dont apear in the camera, the top groups yes when i put the layer in solo mode it apears again in the camera but if only 3 layers in solo mode? is this a overload error? i restarted the program and the computer its the same…

Dont know what to do, please help,

The layer you’re drawing on needs to be directly facing the camera.
If it’s off by even a couple of degrees this will add perspective effects
that would make drawing very challenging so it has been disabled to
do so.

Instead, draw on the layer first before you rotate it in perspective.