Can't draw in the Trial version

I’m having issues with the download. I’m not able to see a frame when I open up in Drawing mode and I’m getting a circle with an bar through it when I click on tools such as the brush or pencil tool. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work. I thought it was just me, but then I opened up Pro 2 And it is working there…so I’m a little confused. Any ideas on what isn’t set up right or what i can do to gain basic access to drawing and using the tools?



A few basic things to verify:

  • Do you have a drawing cell selected in your Timeline or Xsheet layer?
  • Is the layer locked (Little lock enabled in the Timeline view)?
  • Is your layer visible (Eyes visible in the Timeline view)?

If you could post a screen shot of your UI, it would help identifying the issue.



I have the same problem but not only the brush or pencil tools are disabled. It seems that all tools are disabled. cant do anything

Where you able to solve this? I’m having the same problem, can’t do anything in camera nor drawing tab.
It’s so frustrating!

I’ve simply downloaded the 5 trial version and all gone well.

Hi, I can’t use StoryboardPro with my Wacom Cintiq 13. J’ai aussi téléchargé la version d’essai. Mais il y a un décalage entre la pointe du stylet et le trait dessiné. Pourquoi?

In your case the drawing appears to be empty. Did you perhaps rename the
project folder while the project was open for editing? I can still see the
thumnail images which may disappear as they refres to reflect the curtrent state.

Hi, tnx 4 rply. No, THIS is the current status if I open an existing project or if I create a newone. Can’t do anything in drawing-window-space, nothing, with all tools. I can interact with all other parameters but not in that space(…pls look the video with a new project open).


p.s. the video will be deleted in 14 days from hosting


I’m trying out version 5 and all is well with this. Tnx 4 your time.

Same here, any idea?

Yep and mine is last try version 4.2. I’ve read around, in older version this situation whas resolved by changing the OpenGL rendering parameters but in this version such options do not seem to be present.