Can't draw in camera view (Animate Pro)

Using the 3D space feature, I created a simple drawing of a desk and monitor. The next step was to draw additional details on a new drawing layer. To match other elements in the scene, I wanted to do the drawing in Camera View. However, Animate won’t let me do that – the drawing has to be done in the Drawing View, where both the scale and viewing angle are different. It makes no difference whether 3D is enabled or not on the new layer.

I’ve posted a screenshot here:

Is there any way to create artwork in Camera View once 3D has been enabled?


Aongus Collins

You can’t draw in the camera view if the camera plane and the picture plane are not facing each other. There are squash/stretch distortions introduced when
the planes are not parallel which would make accurate drawing all but impossible anyways.

Best to disable the rotation temporarily while drawing in the Camera view after you have decided the placement of the element within the 3D stage.

Thank you! And sorry for not replying to your helpful post sooner. Your explanation makes perfect sense, and I’ll try again using that advice.

As expected, your advice solved my problem! Thanks again.