Can't draw anything all of the sudden

I downloaded Toon Boom a couple of months ago and it worked fine. I did several projects with it and now I go in and find I can’t do anything. Whether I open a new file or a previous one, I get the prohibition symbol on all of the tools. Nothing is locked, I can’t draw on any new layers i make, or any old ones.

Sounds like license is corrupted. Return and reactivate it.

You said you “downloaded it a couple of months ago” as opposed to “installed it a couple of months ago.” Did you purchase it or is this a trial license?

If it is a purchased license the installation may have become corrupted.

Seems to me a purchased license corruption would produce error messages or drop into trial mode.

I don’t know how the trials are set up nowadays. At one time there were two ways Toon Boom offered a chance to try the software before making a purchase. One form expired. One did not.

If this is a purchased license it would be easiest to start with attempting a license return and activation. If that does not cure the problem I would wait until I had discussed this with Toon Boom support before trying a delete and reinstallation of the software.