Can't Download Toon Boom Studio

So a few years back I bought Toon Boom Studio. I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and the software is now deleted. I want to reinstall it, but there appears to be no way, as the download link no longer works and it isn’t listed in my products. Help please?

Hi Chris,
Please send an email to with your license code or order id so we could help you retrieve your information.
Any proof of purchase would be great !

Toon Boom studio is no longer a supported software, they don’t have a download source for it, so about a week ago I had to find my own way and download it myself.

How did you manage to download it?

Hi Chris and sarangheh,
You need to have a legal license to use our product.
That’s why i asked you to show your proof of purchase so that i could send you the download link.
We do have download source for it.