i am having trouble downloading my workout series purchases that i ordered from in 2007. i am only able to download the toon boom studio 4 purchase that i made on that year, but there is no download link for my workout series purchases. i lost most of my data due to a computer theft that happened to me in 2008, so i had to wait to get another one, but i finnally did and now im only able to download my toon boom studio 4 purchase and not my workout series purchases. whats going on? :frowning:


If you have the order ID still simply send it to us by e-mail and we will provide you a temporary link for you to download.



ok great! i sent you the email with my order ID…i got no response as of yet though…

ok great! i sent you the email with my order ID…i got no response as of yet though…


I didn’t seem to have received the information by message through the forum or by e-mail. Would it be possible to send it through e-mail at

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ok. i just sent it to

Hey guys!
I just wanted to say that I think I’ve got the same problem.
I bought Toonboom studio Academic and the Workout Series #8.
If I go to the ‘My Products’ page I can download the program, but not the workout series. This is quite honestly due to the absence of a download-button.
Could you tell me where I can download the series instead?

Normally when you have purchased the Workout series, you should have received an email with a link to download this material. Note that the link is not permanent but expires after a time in which case you would need to email to request a new link.

:’( I bought a new mac (My old mac had fried)and using Time machine re installed all my old software - Animationish works, Toon Boom won’t reload and won’t accept my licence key. Have tried emailing Tech support but with no luck anyone any suggestions?

We apologize if your email did not reach us.

Please try and we will assist you with your product installation.

You can also log into your Toon Boom user account and download to do a fresh install, then copy paste your license to avoid typos. Make sure to be logged on your computer with admin account.

I recently purchased the Harmony premium for students and have not received any download link in my downloads management tab nor an email with a link to follow, just an invoice for my purchase. it does show on my account that it is active but I haven’t downloaded it. I have Storyboard Pro 20 installed, no problem there. help please