Can't download Kick-Start Videos

Hello all :slight_smile: I downloaded the trial version of Animate for school, but am unable to download the Kick-Start Videos OR the templates. I checked to see if javascript was enabled and it is, but when I hover my mouse over the links it still says javascript:void (0) on both the videos and the sample materials. As well, when I try to open the templates page I get this message: template file dosen’t exist: /usr/local/sw/apache/vhdocs/ in file: /data/sw/apache_1.3.36/vhdocs/ line: 454

I’ve tried in two different libraries, as well as my own computer, on both IE 6 and AOL 9.1 to no avail.

Is there any other way I can download the videos?



Have you tried with a newer version of Internet Explorer? The ongoing version 7. I tested the links on both IE 7 and the latest version of Firefox and it seems to be working. There might be part of the older browser that prevent the download of the files.

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