Can't do anything with Imported content.

Hello! I’m using ToonBoom Animate, (free student version) and I stumble across a problem every time I import a picture. You see, I want to animate a clip from an old TV show, but Whenever I import the Image that I want to be the main speaker, the colors are distorted on the character as if I am selecting something, and my mouse always has the ‘No’ sign next to it, no matter what tool I choose. Am I missing something?

BUMP P.s: Sorry if I seem pushy, i just don’t have the time for videos, I’ve got a busy schedule.

Well, you need to take some time to learn the tools you are using. ::slight_smile:
The one tutorial you need to watch to master importing pictures and making them editable is “Importing and vectorizing Images” from here:
If you would have invested 20 minutes three days ago to find and watch the tutorial you would have known the answer by now. We all have tight shedules you know :wink:
By the way: By free student version do you mean the PLE? You know that this one puts wtaremarks into your renders? Is that okay for your project?

Yeah, I don’t care about the watermarks. It’s not a problem to me. :3

I am sorry about not looking it up, school is back and it takes up all day.

Well- Sort of. I know how to get the images to work now, (I can use tools on them) But when I begin to try rigging my character, I don’t have the option to separate the symbol, (hand) from the body (main character). I watched a video on YouTube about rigging and animate in general, ( . ) And this person had no problems. I know I’m definitely doing something wrong, but what?

(P.s: I’m using PSD(s) as my file type. (Photoshop) I don’t think that matters, but correct me if I’m wrong, please.)

Bump :3


BUMP seriously, this is REALLY important to me

Not sure what you are trying to do here, but if you want to have seperate symbols for hands, forearm, etc, you need to cut them apart using the Cutter tool. It’s used just like the Selection tool, but it cuts the selected area apart from the rest of the image.

Lol, I was using the cutter tool. The video I was going by was probably outdated though. I found the right one on here. Sorry for being such a noob X3. I figured it out. I needed to separate the hand from the main drawing, instead of creating a symbol of it.

Did the video help? When you import an image, you should Vectorize as Colour if you want to use your drawing tools on it.