can't do anything in side and top view

hello !
I would like to move a layer on the Z axis but i can’t because i have a crossed circle as my pointer… I can select the layer in stage view, but it’s impossible to move it or do anything else except zooming in the top and side view.
I may have clicked on something, but i don’t know what, i’m a new user…
Can someone help me please ?

Hi Cyanure

When you have a layer rotated it sometimes doesn’t allow you to make changes to the contents. You can still transform the entire layer however. Any transformations you want to apply would need to be done using the transform ‘first frame’ tool (green dot with swirly line and keyframe)

The crossed circle usually appears when you try to draw on a layer that isn’t facing strait to camera. Quickest way to fix this is to go to Layer>Reset Transform
Also keep an eye on the difference between Stage view and Camera view.