Can't deactivate license

Long story short, my hard drive failed and I had to format and reinstall harmony. Now that I have it reinstalled, it won’t let me deactivate/activate my license. This is super frustrating. I have contacted 3 different support emails that I have found on the website and have not received a reply. I need this for work with a hard deadline fast approaching. This has to be the worst system for license activation I’ve ever encountered. Somebody please help me.

I can only offer that I have been in a similar situation and had no trouble using the software after rebuilding the system. You are given the ability to use it without going through the deactivate => activate process for situations like this.

Can you describe exactly each step you took once you reinstalled the software? Please try to be accurate. The temptation to generalize will impair the chances of figuring this out. It is now a weekend and I would not expect to hear from Toon Boom.