Can't deactivate license - any ideas??

I’ve been trying to get Harmony 12 Premium to work nicely on a 4K laptop without having to change the resolution (the UI is tiny on high DPI monitors unless the resolution gets manually changed to something lower), which involved a bit of uninstalling/reinstalling therefore a bit of license deactivation and reactivation.

As far as I was aware, I’m free to do this … however I am now stuck with this error message when attempting deactivation:

“Operations error: 7466
The return of the fulfilment is denied by the return policy because max return exceeded [Incident # 5821-16135232]”

I have contacted the support email address and have also tried a ‘return license by email’ however haven’t yet received a response from either.

SO, does anyone have any tips / ideas / magic tricks that will allow me to get my license back onto my trusty non-4K mac??

UPDATE: Support have resolved this for me, but in case anyone else is wondering… the max number of deactivations is 5 in a 48 hour period.