can't customizing deformation toolbar

clicking on the grey areas near toolbars to customize them doesn’t work consistently for me, and in this case not at all.

right now i’m trying to customize the deformation toolbar for other tools i’m reading about, and seeing pix of, in the docs (in this case, the ‘associated parent switch’ for re-using deformers as described in the docs).
but when i click ‘customize’ in every grey area i try, i either get the main timeline toolbar choices (with only the timeline tools showing, not deformation tools i’m looking for), or ‘customize’ is greyed out. or i get toolbar options for ‘tool presets’ as part of the ‘camera view’, etc.

i’m not sure how many ‘views’ there are with their own ‘customize’ and ‘toolbar managers’; is there another menu area to find toolbar managers or the toolbar tools themselves?

‘toolbar managers’ don’t show up much in the docs, and the section on ‘views’ seems to have a missing section, where it says “note: to learn more about views…” then it’s cut off:

Hi CharlieCanfield,

The ‘Customize’ option is usually clickable if you have right-clicked on one of the active icons from a toolbar.
Try by right-clicking on the Rigging Tool icon, and let us know how it goes.


you are correct, sir.
i’ve been clicking in empty areas primarily, and thought i was trying buttons too. maybe none of them were active when i did.
thanks much.