Can't create new scene

Hi All

Hadn’t opened Harmony for a couple of weeks- Iwas working on something else.
When I tried opening it today it seemed the install was messed up?!-
(culprit I think uninstalling Samsung Kies in the meantime???)

Anyway I tried
giving back the licence,
reinstalling and getting licence again.

For some reason it says its unable to create a New Scene?
I can find and load an old scene.
I can save a scene as a new name…
I can’t goto File/New…because create is greyed out.

What’s going on? How can I reinstall it so it works?


Well to answer my own question there seems to some sort of permissions shenanigans going on with my computer…

It looks like if I “Run as administrator”- it all works…

Actually its some sort of permissions shenanigans with harmony