can't create a template in new library

I’m new to Toon Boom studio so may be doing something wrong but seeing some weird stuff on TBS Mac 4.5…

I created a new library in my project folder. I dragged a pin (which has my drawings/heirarchy nested within) to this new library. That seems to work sort of. There’s now a tbc for the library and a tbt for the peg I dragged in.

However, when I click to View Thumbnails it says “Unable to save template [path to folder containing tbc/tbt]”.

The same error fires if I try to drag the tbt from the library into my timeline.

It seems to me like there’s some kind of file permissions error. I verified the project folder & library both have full read/write set for all 3 levels (user/group/guest) and even changed the same for the tbc file. (they were 755 by default). I also verified the files/folders aren’t locked.

Anything else I should try?


It may also be caused by the fact there are some special characters in the path to the location of the library. Try to locate it somewhere close to the root of your computer and make sure the path is quite simple (don’t even put space in case).