Can't create a camera layer


So annoying…

No matter how hard I try, I can’t create a camera layer in my recent Animate 2 project. Can do everything else - layer wise - but that?

I can still create camera layers in other projects, just this specific one it doesnt do anything?

Any pointers, anyone ever had this before?


I have had this happen once but I can’t really explain why it happens or how to fix it.

I had created a camera animation and saved it as a template to the library. When I dragged the camera template to a new scene the camera was missing and when I tried to create a new camera to drop on the camera peg layer it wouldn’t create a camera. It was just this one scene and the camera template came through fine in every other instance.

I tried to remember what I had done prior in the scene but just couldn’t figure it out. Do you have too much time invested in this one project to start over?

you could always drag the scene into library as template, start a new scene and import to try and get around the problem.

Scung, Raider, cheers for the posts…

I have been scratching my head big time about maybe a setting i’ve knocked by accident or something, but there simply isnt one. It must be a glitch. I’m very new to Animate (2), so things like this I want to work out exactly how it may have happened so that I dont do it again, and ruin a days work.

I will definitely try to recreate the scene by using the parts already made, and get round it that way. I’ve have tried re-saving as different name etc but that doesnt make any difference.

RADIER - Could i ask a presumably thick question… Is it fairly simple to “drag the scene into the library as a templete”, will it need a little extra setting up than that?

Let me know.

yeah it is easy.

just right click on animate library and click right to modify.

Go to timeline and select all the layers and drag it over and save as a template.

Then when you open a new scene and drag it back everything including the layers should all be there.

Yeah, should be easy… Got my head round it and created a template of the scene…

Created a new scene, opened the template and dragged it over to the timeline…


Not all the images are imported, background has gone, some morphing has gone weird - most disasterously of all though, I thought I’d just try and create a camera layer just to see, and it wouldn’t create one. Even though i can with other projects, for some reason with this scene (or even template) I am against a brick wall. Gutted.

There must be something really wrong if the templates are pulling through incorrectly? Most of the main animation and images are missing. Not good.

In Animate, you can only have one camera active at a time. So you can create multiple cameras, but you need to switch between them if you want to change cameras.

When you create multiple cameras, they are then listed under the menu Scene > Camera, then you can select the camera that you would like to use from the dropdown list.

Regarding templates not coming in correctly, this clearly should not happen. Let me just double-check what you did: you created a scene in Animate 2. Then, you dragged the whole scene from the timeline into the library to create a template. Then you created a new scene and dragged the template back in. At this point, you noticed that there were images missing and there was some morphing that had been lost.

The best thing to do in this case is send an email directly to support, They will set up an ftp site where you can upload your scene file so that we can take a look at it to see if anything’s gone amiss.

Toon Boom Support

Hiya Lilly,

Thanks for the support, you have resolved the camera issue. The amount of different times I tried to create a camera layer meant there were 33 cameras in the scene-camera section, plenty to chose from!?

I will get onto the support email about the templates because it’s not good what it’s doing.

Thanks v much.

Whew, so glad I found this. I didn’t know you could only have one active camera. It was showing up in the node view, but not hooked up to anything. And it wasn’t in my layers!

But… selecting the scene > Camera made it appear, and all is well.