Can't color in Essentials 12.2, losing my mind.

Hello, I haven’t been able to get color working in Harmony for a few days now and I have a project due very soon. I bring up the Colour window and every option is greyed out, there are no default colors available, all I get is a blank window. I can’t import palettes, I can’t make a palette, nothing. I was running 12.1 up until yesterday, and installing the new version helped until I closed out of the program and came back in. Now the palettes are nowhere to be found.

I have no idea why this is happening, and support will not help me. I would at least like to know why I can’t color at all, or even get access to color. Does Essentials not come with color options? What am I paying for? Is this normal? At my school we use Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 and color is always easy to use, and is included in the interface. I have to use this program at home and it feels like I’ve taken a huge step backward. If I have to uninstall and reinstall this program every time I want to color a project, my head will explode.

There was another similar post earlier this week. Do you have anything selected? The Color window is empty if you do not select something.


yes, be sure you have a drawing layer created and a frame in the timeline selected. If you still don’t see the colour palette default colours, please contact the technical support team at Toon Boom.

have a great day!