Can't change Z position with 'ALT' + ARROW

So, I can’t solve the problem: I need to change Z-position of a draw-layer but it doesn’t work with ALT + ARROW.
Nothing to change. Maybe it doesn’t work in Essential version?

Do you have the focus on mouse enter option active? You have to have the item selected and press Alt + Up or Down arrow from within the Camera view in order for it to work. Sometimes, not having the focus on mouse enter option will prevent you from doing it because you are not in the Camera View while the red frame surrounds the Timeline still.

Focus on mouse - ON, Camera view - ON.
But still nothing.
Yesterday, I just grouped some layers and it suddenly started to work.
Today is the same )
I don’t know what to do (

Hey, thanks for that. I’ve been looking for this answer for over a month. I just assumed my computer had the wrong keys or it was because I use essentials.
I have seen plenty of information on how to bring to front or behind, but this is the first that explained that I need to have camera view surrounding square red, in order for this to work. Just a little more information for others, make sure layer is selected and focus on mouse enter option is active.
Thanks again