can't change PDF profile

I don’t know why but the edit functions for creating a new PDF profile are greyed out. I’m attempting to export my board to a PDF without all the borders all over the image but am not able to turn them off.
Any suggestions?


Hi cleanlitterbox

Can’t really answer your question.
But here are some general guidelines.

Make sure you have saved your project before export. Make sure the project name and destination folder does not contain any non english letters, phonemes or signs. Go to top menu File -Export -PDF , a window appear. Press the file icon to the top right: Make sure to give the export a new unique name and select/create a destination folder. Make sure they don’t contain non english letters as explained above.

Choose the Export Parameter alternative that is closest to the one you want. Press Duplicate Profile , then Edit Profile. You should now be able to edit the different parameters to your preferences.
When ready press OK. Now it should only be left to choose security option and export range and press Export. If you want to see the export immediately, cheque of Open Document After Export option.

Best regards

HI there
Thanks for your sharing.If you just want to attempt to export my board to a PDF without all the borders all over the image .You can just add one of the PDF processing tool to help you out like this one:
They supports to do any PDF issues.That would be more convenient.Best wishes.