Can't Bring to Front

I am extremely new to Toon Boom as well as animation in general. My knowledge of animation is using Mario Paint to make little mini-movies as a kid. So this may be a dumb question but…

I am trying to create this animation: The word GAMERS is there and a NES controller whips its cord around the word and squeezes it. I used text to write GAMERS on the screen. I’ve already got the NES controller and I’ve started the cord moving animation. The problem is, I can’t wrap the cord around the word because the drawing won’t go in front of the text. I select the cord drawing and right click and the Bring to Front words are there but when I click it, it does nothing. Can a drawing go in front of text? Or will I have to draw the word GAMERS to get it to work?


Are the text and the controller in the same or different objects in the timeline view? Assuming that they are in different drawing objects, try altering the relative Z positions of the objects. To do this, add a keyframe, select the transform tool, then select one of the objects and move it on the Z axis using either the ‘top view’ window or ALT+up or down arrow.

A couple of notes:

  1. You might want to keyframe the frame immediately preceeding your Z axis transformation so that toonboom doesn’t interpolate the Z axis movement from your starting position.
  2. you actually need to select the object in the drawing or top view to get it to move. Just selecting it in the timeline isn’t enough.

Also, you might want to check out the clipping effect.