Can't animate with PNG images They resize to a fraction of their size

I wanted to animate something using cutouts from Photoshop I saved as PNGs then imported into Toon Boom 8.1. Everything turned out fine at first then after I saved it, closed it then reopened it, all the PNGs that were animated were shrunk down to a fraction of the original size. They were so small that I thought they were gone at first then when I tried to rescale them the mostly empty bounding box took up the entire camera view. The only PNGs that were affected were the animated ones, the still ones remained fine. Then I found the normal sized pictures in Drawing view by themselves but with no animation. What’s going on?! D=>

Open the Properties Panel.
Check Scale, make sure it’s set to 1 in both windows.

That did fix the size problem so thanks (though I don’t know why it resized on its own). But now it wont stay in position. If I reposition it on 1 frame it trows off the other and vice-versa, plus they move very funny. Like the ones that moved side to side now go up and down and a layer that rotated moves more than it originally did.

Can’t say for sure without seeing the project file… Unfortunately I don’t have Studio 8.
Check the Pivot-Points, if necessary, reset them, without animating them.
Best option might be, delete all keyframes and start new…