Can't activate on iMac

I’m trying to activate Studio 8 on my iMac (which is running Yosemite) but it keeps giving me an error (error -1 to be exact). I did have it activated on my Macbook Pro (also running Yosemite) and deactivated it on there. Any ways to fix this? I have an idea thats in my head that I need to animate.

I have the latest version of it. I might have multiples of Studio 8 so I’ll do a quick check to see if thats the problem.

This still did not work for me sadly

Actually I think it should be sudo ./Licensewizard

(not sudo ./License Wizard)

The problem was fixed after downloading the latest version of TBS as mentrioned in this thread ‘frequent-crashing-imac-running-yosemite’

Hi, There,
You can try launching License Wizard from terminal as followings. To do so, you need admin account and password.

-First open Finder and browse to Applications/Toon Boom Studio 8/

-Right click License Wizard (or control + click) to chose ‘Show package Contents’

-In new finder, browse Contents and now open Terminal

-In Terminal type cd and space


-Then drag and drop the folder called MacOS under Contents to terminal. Then the path will be auto filled with the path and the space in between.

cd /Appplication……./Contents/MacOS

-Press enter in Terminal will bring you to MacOS folder. And then type followings

sudo ./License Wizard

-And then enter the password (it is hidden that you have to guess while you are typing it)

-And then enter the key number correctly.

If you have any difficulties or need the assistance, please send an email to