Can't activate my licence in v15


I have installed the new v15 Adcanced but I can’t activating my licence.

The “Activation Wizard” always tells me that my activation is successful, but when I’m starting Harmony 15 I get the message: “Unable to find a valid license for this application”.

I’m using a education licence but I think it doesn’t matter.

Is it a bug?



Right now you are still using a license for harmony 14.
If you try to open the software with this license you’ll get this message since you need a license for 15.

Hi. thanks for the answer.

How can I get a licence for v15?

I thought that my subscription licence is for all versions of harmony advanced.

Contact to upgrade your license.

Thanks much for your answer rkriz, I had the same problem.

It’s still weird that I am prompted to download v15.0 from my account (screenshot: while my license can still only activate v14.0.