can't activate mac heist version

i have tried several methods to activate this software from the MAC Heist pack. I have failed, this license system has got to be the worst I have ever encountered, AND despite repeated efforts to contact support, they have failed to respond. Frankly I am not impressed. Has anyone had this happen?? The error returned is ERROR 1–and that is after I have had to make an account I didn’t want to just to get a serial number that DIDNT activate either by direct internet, ORT email!!

BTW, I am a certified Apple tech, so I have attempted all things suggested, and made sure the target system is clean and updated.

thanks, i am glad the fix worked for the FlexIM.

I am in the same boat and have not been contacted by support. What did you do to get past the Error -1 ?

I’m having the same problem you described but have gotten nowhere. Can you share the solution that fixed this for you?

Same problem here. None of the activation methods work. ERROR 1 with the key I got after I entered my promo-code. the key is displayed in my profile, but it won’t work.

how to fix this?

Contact support if you get the -1 error. It can have a variety of causes.