Cannot write [pathname]....tvg (Toon Boom Animate Pro2)

Hello Everyone and happy new year again!

I have checked the forums for similar posts on this write error problem but as I could neither find a similar post nor reply, I am posting mine.
This is actually a thread for the Technical team but I am posting it here for the following reasons:
1) I have always received very FAST help from the people in the normal forums.
2) None of my technical questions posted in the Tech Support forum was answered

Well as it goes:
I have just started a new project with an image sequence as the overlay. After importing the images, I tried to save my work but received a write error message. (see screenshot)

A series of setting up the project new (under different names) and a repeated restart of my computer is not helping at all.
I am falling into panic because I have a deadline for 31.01 (6 minutes Mucis video)

Can someone here probably give me a hint on why this is happening and HOW I can solve the issue

Thank you in advance
Ebele Okoye
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It might be that your path is not found. I see that you are on B drive. That seems a weird drive. Try putting the scene folder on your C drive (normal drive).

It could be that the path is too long also.

Do you have enough free space on that drive?

Do you have the permissions to write to that place?

Thanks Steve for your response as usual.
I have tried working yesterday and the problem did not come up. …and yes! I have rights to write on the folder. It is the same partition where I have been working from last year and I have enough space on it (287 GB)

I am experiencing some STRANGE things with Toon Boom and I guess I might have to go beyond the forum but as said, they ignore me and I have no clue why!

I am writing a strong-worded mail to all the addresses I have of people working with Toon Boom. I will post the same mail in the tech support forum.

Thanks again for all your help!

I see your email in support today at 8 am so they will see it tomorrow Monday.

I didn’t see one before with your email so that might be the first one that made it.

Remember that the forum is not support, it’s just a place for users to interact so if you have a pressing question you need to contact