Cannot write [pathname]....tvg (Toon Boom Animate Pro2)

Hello Toon Boom Technical Team!

I just opened Toon Boom for the first time this year and can only squint at the start it is giving me.
(I have checked the forums for similar posts but as I could neither find a similar post nor reply, I am posting mine.)

I have just started a new project with an image sequence as the overlay. After importing the images, I tried to save my work but received a write error message. (see screenshot)

A series of setting up the project new (under different names) and a repeated restart of my computer is not helping at all.

Contrary to the NONresonance given to my previous technical questions,a reply / reaction to this post will be very much appreciated because I can hardly move further, and I need to come forward. I have a deadline for 31.01

Thank you in advance
Ebele Okoye