Cannot upgrade from Harmony 16

I am trying to upgrade from Harmony 16, but it is impossible. Does anyone have any advice?

Which level of Harmony 16 do you have and which level of Harmony 20 do you wish to get to?

When you say it is impossible, what is it that leads you to conclude this?

Please describe exactly why you believe it is impossible.

As far as I can gather there is a path and price to upgrade a permanent license from previous versions of Harmony Premium to H20 Premium for a price of 1260 USD and that appears to be any level of a previous version of Harmony not just Premium. I would confirm that with TB Sales.

I am curious so I do wish to see your response, however, I am ultimately going to suggest that you contact Toon Boom Sales. They will spell out your options. They also have the power to make something happen.