cannot update gradients

hi all - curious … whenever I create a gradient, i find that i cannot update it. No matter what changes i apply to the color slides the original gradient remains. Won’t even allow me to change it if i press the ‘plus sign’ on the color palette to create a new variation … the only thing i can do is select a solid color, and create the gradient again… is this the way the gradient works in TB4.5 or is there some magic I am missing to be able to go back in and modify it … i like using gradients for a shading effect but having one shot at it makes it difficult to perfect … thanks, dan

Hi - thanks, (no audio on those links) but here’s something interesting … whatever changes i make to a gradient on my windows pc are reflected in any drawing that contains that gradient - no matter what colors i change, the object also changes -which is how it should work … however, on my mac that is not the case. no matter what changes i make to the gradient, the object that has already been colored with that gradient remains intact, as if the gradient combination has been locked into that object… i can move the slide bars til the cows come home and the coloring in the object do not change (always keeps the initial gradient combination) … i know there are some funky things with TB and the mac (for sound, cannot select ‘streamed’ or sound may or may not play)… not sure if this is the same case where mac os x locks gradient colors … anyone else with a mac have the same issue or found a way around it? thanks, d

My tests with TBS 6 on Mac 10.6.3 allow me to change the gradient with the slider.

Which TBS version and Mac version are you using to reproduce your issue?

hi i’m using tb4.5 on an 2yr old imac with snow leopard 10.6.7 … if you want, i can take screen shots of what is happening and pass them along to you … thanks, d

Screen shots would be useful thank you.

I’ve had a similar problem, in that I create a gradient, use it in a drawing, then manipulate that drawing in 3D space, and the gradient looses it’s ‘origin’. The center point of the blend somehow falls outside of the paint area if I move the gradient painted drawing far back on the Z axis. So when the animation is exported, the fill area appears flat instead of graduated.

I don’t know if that applies or not - I’m using TB Studio 4.5 on an iMac 10.5.8

One other thing maybe you want to look at - select the gradient that’s not changing properly, and take a look at the Color Pallet tab in the property window - the gradient swatch should be highlighted. Note the “Name” - TB automatically creates a new custom pallet for imported vector art and .swf’s so sometimes there are multiple pallets loaded for a project and it can get confusing what’s in what. After many hours of trial and error, I’ve gotten into the habit of eye-dropping the fill before I edit it - that way I know I’m editing the right one. I STILL haven’t developed a process by which I know everywhere that gradient is used in multiple projects, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!