Cannot uninstall Animate2

I wanted to uninstall Animate 2 so I can install the New Service Pack, and I cannot uninstall it. It does not show up in my list of programs to uninstall in windows.

I wonder if the problem stems from me installing the Animate Pro PLE a few weeks ago in order to join the Myouterspace contest. After I changed my mind I uninstalled it.

Is their a uninstall exe file in the folder itself somewhere? I can’t seem to find it.

I’m running windows 7 BTW.

The heck with it I just installed it over the first one. Is it supposed to say build 7.9? But I still don’t see a way to uninstall it … wierd.

both animate and pro (i have both installed) show up in the program list.

I guess i should get the new version (I am super happy they put out a patch, shows good customer care). But I haven’t expereienced any of the things it is meant to fix so I am thinking “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

I rather install the patch now rather than running into any problems later on.

Have you ever had to unistall either of the 2 Animate’s?


I would recommend to uninstall Animate again and once the uninstall is completed, go to Program Files > Toon Boom Animation and delete the Animate folder form there to make sure everything is clean.

Then install the SP1.

Let me know if it works.


Thanks Marie, but that is my problem, I have no way to properly uninstall it. When I go to uninstall programs in windows, Animate is not in the list. I tried searching the installation folder for an uninstall.exe but their is none.

Is their supposed to be an uninstall.exe in the installation folder? If so maybe I can get it sent to me or something?
I was going to try reinstalling Pro PLE to see if it creates one.

I am a bit worried that my registry may have gotten corrupted along the way.


You mean that when you go to C:/Program Files/Toon Boom Animation
there is no Toon Boom Animate 2 folder left in there?


No, when I go to Start>Control Panel>Uninstall program. Their is no option to uninstall Animate. I see all other programs including Toonboom StoryBoard but no Animate.

Also When I go to C:>Program Files (x86) > Toonboom Animation>Toonboom Animate2> NT>Bin> their is no uninstall file.

Ok, I think I just fixed it by right clicking on the Animate Icon (the one in the Install folder) and running the compatibility Troubleshooter and chose to run Recommended Settings. I went back and refreshed the Uninstall Program list and Animate2 magically appeared.

Wierd I never had compatibility issues before. I still think it had something to do with me installing the Pro Ple but that’s for you guys to figure out.

Thanks Marie.


The issue has been fixed on Toon Boom’s web site.
You can download the SP1 again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Here are the instructions:

On Mac:

1. Download the new software from My Products in the My Account section (

2. Go to your Applications folder and if there is a folder item named Toon Boom Animate 2, select it and drag it to the Trash can, hence removing the previous version.

3. Open the dmg file.

4. Drag the software into the Applications folder.

5. Launch the software.

On Windows:

1. Download the new software from My Products in the My Account section (

2. Uninstall the software by using the Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP or Programs and Features in Windows 7 and Vista, from the Control panel. You do not need to return the license, it should remain as is.

3. Double-click on the .exe file.

4. Install the new software.

5. Launch the software.

Note: The license file can remain installed as is, it will simply apply to the new software installed. No change is necessary.

The steps are the same for Animate and Animate Pro with the exception of Step 2 on MAC where you will need to uninstall Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 by moving it to the Trash.


weird i downloaded the file from my product animate pro 2

i uninstalled the old and installed the new file and i get the same verision number 7.9.1 dated for sept 15 2010

is that right ?

downloaded today


What is the complete build number you see in Help > About?


Same issue, when I try to uninstall Animate 2 it says that the uninstaller can’t find the “Toon Boom Animate 2.msi” and stops the process ???

Are you running windows? if so try what did above, compatability mode or recommended settings.

I had a problem after I did that with opening Animate files. I would click on the .anim and windows asked what program to open it with. I looked for Animate and it wasnt there in the list of installed programs again, but it was installed cause I was working in it.

So I uninstalled animate, and ran the windows cleanup utilty, re-installed animate, and everything seems to be working right now.

Hello Alex,

thanks for answering. Well, I was able to uninstall Animate in the safe-mode of Windows but now I have a new problem:
I cannot install the Animate SP - really weird ??? The Installation routine unzips the exe-file, the Installation Window starts, but when I click on the “Install Animate” button nothing happens.

I hate it to spend hours in front of my PC for such frustrating things :’(


what version of windows are you running?

Yes, Lilly, I contacted the support. Meanwhile I solved the problem for myself. The reason was only that my security software (KIS 2011) do not like Animate :wink:


I had the same issue lately. When trying to uninstall the program windows says that .msi or similar file was missing and fails to uninstall it. Although I’ve managed to do it in safe mode, but I couldn’t install the update afterwards receiving a massage that I don’t have permissions. Fortunately it all worked just fine after I temporary turned my Kaspersky IS 2010 off.

Also KIS finds some kind of worm when I lunched the Licence manager… strange

Anyway it is all sorted now, works just fine


Have you contacted They can help you with your installation.