Cannot start TB Studio 8.1 any more

I have worked for years with the newest versions of ToonBoom Studio on my laptop.The latest version 8.1 worked fine.

Today - big surprise: I am no longer able to start ToonBoom Studio. The error messages does not say why (see screenshot in the attachment. It is in German and it says “ToonBoom does not work anymore. A problem has prevented it from working correctly. Close the program.”).
The drivers for the graphic card are up to date. OS is WIndows 7.
Can anybody help?


With any other software I would have suggested a clean removal of the program (something easy to do on a Mac at least) and then a reinstallation. It sounds like something has been corrupted. However, in this case I would contact support.

I had trouble with something and a support tech ended up sending me software that enabled him to see and navigate through my system from his computer. He corrected the problem and everything has been working wonderfully ever since.

I am sure that the problem I had is not related to yours but the technician really impressed me. At the very least they might shed light on what could have happened and have suggestions for you.

When was it working last? It’s possible that some system update is responsible. If you’re able to start a new project it’s project related.

Either way, contact support if you need help. I would guess that it may be a graphic driver update but really, anything that has been changed on the system recently is a suspect.