Cannot select some drawings or change their color.

Hi. I created a new document reusing the palette from an older one, and drawn using whether the Brush tool or the Polyline tool. And there are elements I can’t change their color nor select them.

Is not the wrong layer. I double checked. I triple checked. If I use the translate/rotate/scale tools I can see the whole layer turning pink, as always. So they’re in the right layer. But when I try to change its color or whatever it won’t let me.

But I can paint other elements with no problem. The… Problem is: there’re fewer it won’t recognize. And isn’t either an open gap. With the transform tool every line can be selected but the ones I’m having trouble with.

Any idea? I don’t want to repeat the drawing. Thanks

Check the line art/Color layers, within each drawing element on the timeline there are two layers: Color Art and line Art.

Its possible that you have been doing line art and coloring on the line art layer (the default). You may have accidentally drawn in the color art layer.

to check, go to the right of the drawing view and select either the C or the L (depending on which layer is highlighted) and see if switching to the opposite layer allows for you to select the “locked” elements. If you can select the remaining elements you can ctrl/cmd+x out of that layer and ctrl/cmd+v in the other layer to consolidate them.

Thank you! That totally did the trick.