Cannot Select Frames

I had been using TBS v.4 on my iMac with Lion without any problems.

This made me think I didn’t need to upgrade to the newest version.

Sadly, now I can’t really use the program. It stopped allowing me to select frames. I can do it with older project files but not new ones.

Do you think this an issue with running v.4 with Lion?

I trashed a preference file but now I am asked to enter a license key every time I try and open a file.

As far as I know, any Toon Boom Software is not yet officially certified to work with Lion.
I am using Studio 5 and Animate 2 with Lion (OSX 10.7.2) without many problems…;action=display;threadid=3449;start=msg16415#msg16415

You might have to contact the Toon Boom Team regarding Version 4…


I believe this is an old problem specific to versions earlier the V5. The fix as I remember it is to go to the Function Editor and uncheck the box for Sync Current Frame.

You’re testing my memory, hope this helps -JK


I went into FUNCTION EDITOR and did as you said.

However… the only problem is that the program immediately started getting really slow and not working at all.

Before I did any of this… I trashed a preference file because the program wasn’t allowing me to select anything.

Then I had to enter a license key to use it (which I do every time I attempt to use it now).

So I ditched it from my system and redownloaded it.

Now, after turning the function editor off, I can turn it on but it moves ponderously slow.

Since I am in version 4… what should I do? Upgrade to 6? Will it even run in Lion?

Thank you for all of your help!

One of the problems with migrating to new computers or upgrading operating systems is always software compatibility. It is reasonable to expect a version to be upgraded to match the latest OS upgrades while that version is the current production release but not when that version is several iterations removed from the current release. So I guess the best thing you can do is upgrade to the current TBS production release which is V6. I always avoid OS upgrades for as long as practical but eventually we all must replace equipment etc. I use V6 and really like it. Bone morphing is a great new feature too. -JK

I hear you on that one… Very good points.

I guess since I had used V4 for so long without any problems (and I had used it a little in Lion without any problems) I thought I was free and clear. I was more surprised that it just stopped working after working for so long.

It looks like I am going to upgrade to V6.

Evan Jacobs

I agree…Last few years I am using V4 without any problems. It is simple to use and user friendly.