Cannot reorder panels (thumbnail view)

In thumbnail view, storyboard pro is not allowing me to reorder panels. I click-drag the upper left of panel, I can see the little preview with a magenta ‘1’ as I drag, but no red line appears where I want to drag it to. It seems almost like the thumbnail view is locked.

Does anyone know why this isn’t allowing me to reorder panels?

What Version/build of Storyboard Pro are you using (Under Help and then about). What OS are you using Windows or macOS?

If macOS Ventura (13) upgrade to Storyboard Pro 20.1 or above or Harmony 21.1 or above. As seen here…

Storyboard Pro 20.10.2
OSX Ventura 13.0.1

So Storyboard Pro 20.0.2, build you need to update.
macOS Ventura needs Storyboard Pro 20.1, install for Apple Silicon or Intel. The about should show Version 21.1.0 (18400) once installed.

Thanks for the help with this!

It looks like I’m already on 20.1 (20.10.2)?
When I run check for updates it says no update available. (Help > check for updates)

Not sure what else to do.

Np, but 20.10.2 is 20.0.2 not 20.1 as I posted above.
You need to log into your account at to download updates.

I see now, thank you!

So, there’s different version numbers than in the ‘about’? Is that confusing for anyone else?

Just to follow up on this, that was definitely the problem. Installing 21.1.0 (18400) solved the issue, thanks for the help!

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Glad to hear, your welcome!