cannot rename catalogs

hi all - in the global library, i add new catalogs, which TB8 does nicely. When I go to rename it, the ‘NewCatalog’ name becomes highlighted, but my mac beeps at me whenever i try to key in any letter… on a good day, i can enter one letter then i get beeped, thus allowing no further input …sometimes, i can exit out of TB, go back in and i am allowed to change the name … anyone have any thoughts? - i have been having this issue since version 5, and it’s becoming a nuisance now … thanks Dan

I’m not sure why you would need to rename a catalog, why not give it the name you want when you first create it?

Anyways, it’s possible that you may not have the permissions to modify the folder you are using as your library in which the catalog is located - check the folder permissions (Mac or Windows). Also make sure to avoid accented characters and symbols as these may not work for renaming the catalog.

If it’s an empty catalog you are trying to rename you could try deleting it an making a new one.