Cannot read Forums - all in Chinese!

I am finding that the Harmony Forums posts are all in what appears to be Chinese. - Can anyone show me how to access English language Harmony Forums.

Thanks for any help.

You are on the English language forum. All of the “Chinese” posts are from spam bots.

A forum administrator will delete them eventually. Then, of course, they’ll show up again until they decided to implement some type of fix, if one exists.

It is important to try and describe each problem accurately in order to receive help.

I think that may be Korean.,-Japanese,-and-Korean-Writing-Apart

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that we’ve implemented several mechanisms to mitigate the spam problem on our sites. You will notice the reCaptcha plugin now active on each post and comment form which helped a lot. We hope that it will not be too intrusive for legitimate users of this forum.

We are still getting some spam from Asia (mostly Korea) but we also implemented a system to quickly remove these posts.

We will continue to monitor our forums regularly to clean it up.

Thank you for your patience and support on this matter.