Cannot paste frame as it is into Timeline

Hi! I’m a new user to Harmony 14.
I’m trying to copy and paste a frame in the timeline from one place to another, but it keeps pasting in as a different image.
For example, if I’m copying a frame with a body in the front view, it pastes as a body in the 3/4 view.
All I want to do is copy and paste exactly what I see! But I just can’t for some reason. Do you know why?

Thanks in advance.


I remember I had these problems to before. did not really understand how it all worked. I am nost sure I do still 100 % but one thing you can do is to create am new empty drawing on the layer where you want to paste and then go back to the other layer where you want toi paste from. Go into drawing mode. Select the drawing form there and paste into the drawing mode in the other layer.

There could be better ways I guess.

/ Mattias

I found out why it wasn’t pasting the right body. It’s because it was pasting empty keyframes, even though I copy pasted from the topmost layer.
I had to expand the layer and copy the frames UNDER it.

Why doesn’t it work if I copy the topmost later? Is this just a bug within Harmony? I can see this becoming a problem if you have multiple layers under the topmost layer that you want to copy.

Hy Ryeung,

Could you post a screengrab of your timeline?

You could also use Paste Special to make sure you paste the drawings even when they exist.

If a layer is collapsed, you should be able to copy its content as long as where you paste it still has the same structure of parented layers.


Rename your drawing first. Right Click> Drawings> Rename Drawings
Sometimes if you try and copy and paste something named “13” and paste it into a layer that has a “13” already there, it just thinks you are trying to use the native 13.